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This is the book that started it all: the first time all the industries that are

restoring our natural & built environments were revealed as a single global trend.

If you've read The Restoration Economy, you already know the "ingredients" (restorative projects) of revitalization.  If you now wish to know the "recipe" for a comprehensive economic stimulus--how to plan & fund the renewal of your natural & built assets to efficiently & reliably produce socio-economic revitalization--read Storm's groundbreaking 2008 book, reWealth (McGraw-Hill).  

The Restoration Economy (Berrett Koehler Publishers) is the first book on regenerative growth: the first to document the "hidden", multi-trillion-dollar economic sector that is revitalizing our communities, our nations, and our natural resources.  Regenerative growth is also called "restorative development": in it lies the future of our civilization, and our planet.

The Restoration Economy is by Storm Cunningham, the consultant, trainer, and keynoter on our world's resilient, revitalized future, and strategist for bringing places back to life. 

Storm Cunningham is CEO of ReCitizen, L3C, the global network for citizen-led regeneration of communities and natural resources.



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Watch for Storm's 3rd book (coming 2015).
How Adaptive Renewal is Creating Secure, Inclusive, Green Economies
A guide for local governments, universities, foundations, and Corporate Social Responsibility programs.
Storm's 2008 book, reWealth, is available from McGraw-Hill. 
You can purchase it from any fine bookstore worldwide.

reWealth has been called "the bible of community revitalization and natural resources restoration."

"Storm Cunningham and William McDonough were born the same year, 1951.

Both published landmark environmental books in the same year, 2002.

And both are optimistic about the world’s future in spite of the spectre of climate change and resource depletion. Now [Cunningham’s] got another book that will be published this...May.

It’s called reWealth!, a volume of insights, examples and tools needed “to create

rapid, resilient, regional renewal in cities and natural areas anywhere on the planet.”
- Korky Koroluk, “Cradle to Cradle” and “The Restoration Economy” offer food for thought

- Daily Commercial News & Construction Record, March 28, 2008 [read article]

The Restoration Economy describes a huge, fast-growing new growth frontier for entrepreneurs, investors, & organizational leaders, not to mention graduates looking for the most personally fulfilling and financially rewarding career path. 

The Restoration Economy is recommended reading in hundreds of higher education courses--from public policy, to environment, to business--at universities worldwide, such as the Politecnico di Milano and the Politecnico di Torino (both in Italy).  It's required reading for an increasing number of degrees, such as the Civil Engineering Technology Program at Seneca College in Toronto, Canada.

Storm's talks--and this book--provide a vitally important new conceptual framework (and vocabulary) for talking about a healthier, wealthier, and more beautiful world.  His appearance schedule and three most popular talk themes can be found at

Restorative development:

Economic growth based on renewing our
natural, built, & socio-economic assets.

Restorative development comprises eight industries that are restoring our natural and our manmade environments worldwide.  The book's Table of Contents reveals these eight industries.  You can also read the entire Preface & Introduction online.

The nation behaves well if it treats the natural resources
 as assets which it must turn over to the next generation increased...

- Teddy Roosevelt, from "The New Nationalism" (1910), NWTR, XVII, p. 52

The Restoration Economy will bring you up to speed on the opportunities (& threats) you've been missing in this explosively growing global megatrend, which is sometimes also referred to as the renewal economy. 

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